A manual responds to the need to ensure the correct application of the elements of the visual and corporate identity of an entity.

Through our platform, the client will be able to see the progress of his project at any time he wishes, this plus allows making adjustments on the fly so that the final product is a molded of the company's requirements.

Why you may need to change the corporate image of your company?

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  • The passing of the years is unforgiving. Although the product, the values ​​and the company do not necessarily age; yes the clients do, for this reason we must adapt to our potential and future consumers, focusing on these new generations to adopt our brand.
  • His image was created by amateurs. And although it gave good results due to the quality of the products and good business management, we find a logo that did not act as a strong and recognizable brand among consumers, because there was no advice but a request he entrepreneur's dream, we will recognize that we must take this step, because it is time to give it the professionalism and technology that your firm needs to match its quality. Remember that the brand is much more than a logo. The brand represents the main values, unique qualities and quality that differentiate it from the competition.
  • When it looks like another logo. The brand is one of the most important attributes of any company, it is its identifier in the market and able to make differential values ​​to arouse interest and attract, if your logo or slogan resembles or begins to resemble another company, believe me now is the time to differentiate yourself.
  • Need to apply the logo on advertising materials or platforms. When the product makes a qualitative leap, driven by a innovation to fit perfectly in your packaging, or on the materials of your products or new packaging is common and necessary for change to come.
  • You have been the victim of a slander, or you have been associated with ridicule, elements or public opinion has built a bad image of your brand; then modifying the corporate image is a good option. It is always more difficult to regain lost trust than to trust someone new.

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