Say Hi to Vboat The Ultimate Yachting App

The Ultimate Yachting App. A much needed tool for any yacht owner, captain, manager or broker. We have developed a system to maximize the value of you boat by keeping a virtual log of operation, cruising & maintenance.
VBoat allows you to keep track and detailed management of your yacht ownership. We have developed an effective, user-friendly system to record equipment details, operation, cruising and maintenance logs all in one place. Utilizing different user levels, owners, captains, yacht managers and brokers get immediate access to the needed information. Some of VBoat’s features, include the following, but not limited to: Spec sheet Detailed maintenance records Notification via email when a maintenance is due, past due and complete Cruising log for waypoints, places or any alarms during a trip Hours on main engines, generators and any other metered systems Broker check in and out for showings Photos and Videos For more details: VBoat is the new virtual brain of your vessel

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